What you need to know to travel to a safe destination.

Is it risky to make a reservation for our next vacation right now?

As we understand, we need security and confidence to plan your vacation at this critical time. Therefore, at SENTIDO AEQUORA LANZAROTE SUITES we try to provide you with options that will help you make this decision. How?

We offer a free cancellation policy for your next reservation, this means that you can start planning your beloved vacation from now without commitments!

You can cancel your reservation at any time until the day before your arrival.

Turismo de Canarias subscribes a travel assistance policy that covers the quarantine of tourists in the Islands.

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Intelligent Indoor Air Quality Monitors

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At SENTIDO AEQUORA LANZAROTE SUITES the safety, health and well-being of our guests and employees are our priority.

In collaboration with safety and hygiene experts and based on the indications of public authorities and health institutions. We have developed new protocols aimed at taking care of our employees and customers, without taking a step back in the care of the ecosystem.

Safety and hygiene in our facilities has always been a priority for us, but now more than ever we are taking extreme measures to keep travel a totally safe experience.

Now more than ever, responsible tourism is needed to take care of people, the environment and commit to creating healthy environments.


At SENTIDO AEQUORA LANZAROTE SUITES we follow cleaning protocols inspired by medical practices approved by the World Health Organization and certified by an external company specialized in Safety and Hygiene.

  • Cleaning surfaces in common areas: the disinfection of the reception, lobby, corridors, bathrooms, restaurants and other common areas are carried out following strict hygienic/sanitary protocols and using specialized products.
  • We increase and enhance the cleaning and disinfection of swimming areas.
  • Guests will be asked to exercise the usual hygiene measures.
  • New cleaning measures and protocols with products certified by ASEPVIX that ensure sterilization with minimal impact on the water and waste management system.
  • Cleaning rooms: we use technology and cleaning products of maximum efficiency in the room environment, as well as on all surfaces, objects and decorative elements. All textiles go to an external laundry where they do the washing at more than 60 degrees as indicated by the health recommendations.
  • Products with virucidal effect recommended by Proquimia with proven efficacy against coronavirus based on the UNE-EN 14476 standard
  • disinfection frequency of higher contact surfaces such as switches, knobs, doors and taps.
  • There is the option of non-cleaning of the room, if the customer wishes
  • Common areas equipped with numerous points of hydroalcoholic gel dispensers.
  • Cleaning of kitchens and utensils: Cleaning practices with specific products for these areas that guarantee the hygienic safety of areas and products 100%.
  • Disinfection and sterilization of magnetic keys in rooms after each use
  • Specific hygiene measures in baggage management
  • Pools: we apply water sanitation protocols more frequently
  • Air cleaning and purification system: we increase the frequency of inspections of ventilation systems and hygiene processes. Thus ensuring the purity of the air emitted at all times with the appropriate protocols.


  • Our team has received specific training to understand, prevent, identify and act against COVID-19 and other potential infectious agents.
  • Increase the records and audits by an external company specialized in Safety and Hygiene.
  • All employees will have personal protective equipment and training for proper use.
  • The health status of our employees will be monitored upon arrival and departure of each work shift.


  • Safety signs. New signs in common areas reminding to keep a safe distance.
  • Redesign of common areas: relocation of furniture according to current laws.
  • Staff support: helps customers implement the new measures.
  • Common areas equipped with numerous points of hydroalcoholic gel dispensers.
  • Protective screens to ensure distance with staff.
  • Entertainment: Experiences, workshops, activities and live music shows outdoors (or indoors with a capacity limit).
  • Family activities in smaller groups.


  • To minimize risks, we have adapted our ordering processes, preparation, delivery, consumption of catering services.
  • Control of all goods and products that arrive at hotels, supporting local and sustainable products.
  • Specialized personnel, trained and equipped with hygiene and protection measures.
  • Food safety: we minimize the handling of products and human contact in both preparation and delivery, through assisted and packaged single-use buffets. Taking advantage of the process
  • to reduce food waste.
  • Redistribution and expansion of restaurants to ensure the security measure.
  • Adapted and extended schedules to provide a quality service with adequate security.
  • Increased take-away mode with compostable or reusable packaging.
  • Limited capacity.
  • Prioritization of table service and show cooking.


To minimize interaction and direct contact with our hotel surfaces, we offer the following technology solutions:

  • Pre-check-in and check-out service minimizing interaction with staff.
  • Online customer service through the digitization of the hotel and its services.
  • Digital Guest Relations service to communicate immediately with the hotel staff.
  • Digital information to avoid direct contact (new APP for contact and information)
  • We rely on technology to promote minimal contact with care 10


The Director of Health Safety will be in charge of the implementation of the new measures and training of employees together with companies specialized in safety and hygiene

  • Implementation of measures
  • Employee training
  • Responsible for efficiency: it is responsible for applying the highest level of eco-responsibility possible in all new practices

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