Ironman Lanzarote, probably the toughest triathlon in the world.

Its first edition dates from 1992 with 148 participants. And it represents sports drama in its purest essence.

A test in which more than 2,000 iron men and women give their all to cover 3.8 kilometers swimming, 180 kilometers by bike and a 42-kilometer marathon on foot.

The winner of the 2011 edition took eight hours and 59 minutes to cover this brutal sporting event, but the average is around 12-13 hours.

Included in the program of parallel activities, the day before the big event, the IronKids Children’s Aquathlon is held.

The test commences..

It is definitely worth getting up early to attend the start of the swimming test in Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen.

ironman lanzarote 7

After swimming.. On the bike!

After the 3,800 meter swim, the athletes get on their bicycles and cross the island from south to north and from east to west.

ironman lanzarote 6

There is still a marathon to finish…

The end of the marathon lies ahead with little strength left..

The 42 kilometers seem like an insurmountable wall, but the pain threshold seems to assimilate.

A happy ending

Like almost everything in life, the Ironman has an end. And this one has always been happy. The last station on foot is a particular tribute to each of these champions.

Our SENTIDO AEQUORA LANZAROTE SUITES has the perfect location for the training sessions prior to the event, and for the day of the test that initiates on the large beach of Puerto del Carmen.

For the brave who dare to participate, we offer our IRONMAN offer.

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