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I Get High Off Vitamin D!

And I love it! Don’t you?

In truth… 

Is it surprising that every year thousands of Brits jet off at the end of the year to the the Canary Islands to enjoy a week or two (maybe even more) of glorious sunshine! When summer in the UK comes to a halt and you realise that you’re not going to see the light of day again for at least 2 months there really is nothing I could advise you more on than to book a trip in November for some winter fun in the sun.

Information point… 

The Canary Islands are built up of 7 islands, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro. (I have been to 4 out of the 7, but don’t particularly have a fav) so on this occasion I decided to head back to Lanzarote because it’s island closest to the coast of West Africa, meaning you are guaranteed those HOT, sun filled days. With the temperatures hitting on average 24 degrees during the day and in the evening 19 degrees there really is no reason to not go go go (I am considering moving for a few months of the year to be honest).

Usually towards the end of the year you have to travel at least 7 hours or more, somewhere maybe in the Caribbean or America, to be able to sit in the sun looking up at clear blue skies, soak up the Vitamin D, listen to the waves lap against the sand and the breeze brush through the palm trees. (Idyllic thought isn’t it). That’s not the only few reasons why the Canary Islands will legit be the best get away you’ll ever plan next winter though, it’s also only a 4 hour flight time (winning), and on the same time zone as us in the UK!

Lanzarote is a volcanic island (hence the picture at the top) with a stunning, picturesque landscape of volcanoes and mountain tops. The beaches are beautifully dark because the sand is volcanic so it’s either black (depending on what part of the Island it is you are staying) or a darker colour than normal sand, but equally just as soft under your toes, and gorgeous to walk along or sunbathe on.

The lingo in the canary islands is Spanish, but majority of people speak English, so you won’t have a problem there either.

Lanzarote’s warmest months are from March – September where temperatures range from 18 – 32 degrees celsius, and the beaches, bars, hotels, and pools are at their busiest. Which is why for me now, November is my new favourite month to travel.

Surely, I’ve sold it to you already? If I have or haven’t I know I will after the next few points I am going to share with you.


Where to stay…

There are several parts to the Island, I have stayed in all of them, and there isn’t really one I prefer more than the other, they’re all quite similar in what they have to offer for both accommodation, eating out and scenery, each town has, in a way, a strip that runs along the beach/sea front (only in November, it’s nothing like the strip you’re currently picturing, it’s relaxed and not crowded a§t all, and there is no one harping at you to come in for a free shot). Your hotel will be able to recommend the best of the restaurants, and I highly recommend trying what they offer, I have always done that and never been disappointed, just so you don’t end up in a “Gallagehers Irish Bar” eating British pub food (I know you know the places I am talking about, don’t get me wrong I have been in some of these too when abroad but it’s not fantastic is it). I would much rather venture out 15 minutes or so and experience the town and what a local person recommends.

I stayed in Puerto Del Carmen at a hotel resort called Sentido Aequora Suites, just 10 minutes by cab from the airport and a huge complex offering all inclusive (note: majority of hotels at this time of year will offer some amazing all inclusive deals), I personally don’t like that because I don’t like the thought of eating breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one place, it’s boring if you ask me, it’s fine for breakfast and maybe lunch, but isn’t it nice to get a bit dressed up and explore the town for some authentic foods in an evening, and have a change of scenery while you’re at it. Sentido Aequora Suites couldn’t have been more lovely and accommodating, they really were the most helpful of staff, one in particular who suggested some amazing places to eat which didn’t disappoint us once by the way! There are 4 swimming pools to choose from (1 being the children’s pool) and within a 2 minute walking distance from the beach and local shops for all amenities and pool floatys (obvs), it really was such a good location and relaxing place to be basking in the sun for a week! Oh and the breakfast was delicious too by the way, give me pancakes any day!

Is the Euro a hero…

On this particular trip yes it was, after Brexit who knows, but I think I probably spent less on this trip in a week of eating out for dinner, drinks, ice creams and pool floats than I have done on any other trip I have been on this year. For two of us, it was around €40 between us max a night over dinner, and that was eating in some very decent places too!

What is there to do you ask… 

There is not an abundance of stuff to do for those of you who love excursions, but there is definitely enough to keep you occupied and to mix it up during your time on the island. I am personally happy sitting in the sun, by a pool or beach for 9 hours of the day reading, meditating or scrolling through Instagram (am I human if I don’t), but I understand doing nothing can be hard, and is definitely not for everyone. So here’s a few things to add to your list:

  • Volcano trips

  • Cactus house

  • Scuba diving

  • Snorkelling

  • Cuevas de Verdes (Caves and natural waters)

  • Sunset cruises

  • Day trip to other islands

  • Harbour hopping

  • Shopping

All very reasonably priced and not too far to get too either.

To round it off…

It’s warm, the sun is out ALL day, it’s quick and easy to get too, it’s a relaxed island with no pressure to dress to the nines and it’s pretty affordable too. In the day you’d be fine in as little clothing as you see fit but in the evening, you will want a light jacket and/or maybe a trouser/culotte or maxi dress, because it is chilly (not as cold as the UK in November though, which is always a plus).

I think Lanzarote is the answer to maintaining an all year round natural tan to be honest with you.

New life hack: Head to the Canary Islands at the end of the year, top up your tan as much as you can then return to the UK for the festive season raring and ready to glow. Ps.. you should always wear an SPF when in the sun, even on an overcast day it’s important. I wear an SPF 30 every day!

Hasta lluego amigos,

Alex x

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