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Bloggers. Welcome.

If you’re a blogger, we would like to meet you.

If you have a blog about travel and hotels this is your chance to enjoy our AEQUORA Lanzarote hotel suite in all inclusive for two nights.

What do we need ??

  • A blog entry before the trip in which you describe the expectations that you have (with a link to our website), your feelings and experiences
  • Share this post on your social networks.
  • Once you start your experience, you must share all the photos and videos that illustrate what you are living and of course share them on your social networks and ours (must include tags, geo-locations and mentions)
  • At the end of your trip we expect an entry with your experiences, feelings, impressions, motivations and recommendations ( always linking to our own website)
  • You are the author of the blog
  • Update your blog often with quality content
  • May you have active profiles on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr
  • Have a differential value of other blogs
  • Your blog must be well positioned (Alexa Rank)

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Please send us:

  • name
  • phone
  • mail contact
  • link to your blog
  • blog ranking
  • a brief description of your blog and your experience as a blogger
  • What has motivated you to be our blogger friend

Upon receipt of the request we will contact you

Thank you